In the Medical sector, recycled carbon fiber is being used for several applications, such for the production of dental prostheses. We talked about it with Enrico Rocchinotti of Innovative Recycling, one of the companies which produces recycled carbon fiber for different uses.




關於我們與之交談的再生碳纖維的牙科假肢和其他應用Enrico Rocchinotti創新回收的首席執行官那a Swiss company which industrialize the production of carbon fiber using the carbon waste collected from other companies.


Mr. Rocchinotti before starting with our interview, we would like to thank you for your availability in responding to our questions. Let’s talk about recycled carbon fiber: how is your business born?

“The original idea of producing non-woven carbon fiber fabric for various applications was not ours and dates back to about 10 years ago. The scrap of dry carbon fiber was collected from other companies which employed “vergin” Carbon fiber in their processes, and was worked to create non-woven fabric. This product certainly had good potential, but volumes, finances and machinery for large-scale production were lacking.

2015年我的業務合作夥伴,Luca Mattace Raso,以及我自己決定投資這種麵料的工業生產,並在次年創新的回收中投資於生產“。





“為了獲得一張高機械特征,我們無法使用預浸漬的傳統生產方法。再生碳纖維中的無紡布,實際上,一旦放入待拉的線,浸漬樹脂,然後按壓,撕裂。因此,我們轉向大炮,我們一起研究了另一種解決方案。因此,非織造織物被切割成一平方米的片材,浸漬有生物蛋白酶(已由R *概念的Jaime Ferrer-Dalmau專門開發)液體鋪設(LLD)技術在專用站中,放在同樣浸漬的薄片上 - 70中被堆疊 - 所以形成墊子,然後被壓入熱模具中750 tons press

With this process we obtain the plate from which to get the disks for dental protheses”.


Carbon fiber那in general, is a very light and flexible material. It weighs one eighth of the materials currently on the market and used for this application, such as zirconia, ceramic and titanium, and due to its features, it gives the feeling of having your own teeth. This is an incredible material for this specific application because it has better biointegration, greater fatigue resistance and maximum flexibility”.




“We faced with you all the phases and, certainly, the problems related to the manufacture of this product, and we have to say that the availability of your laboratory for doing tests and the support and competence of your technicians have been pivotal to develop and tune the whole process. The result is that we succeeded in industrializing such a complex product in about 6 months, a very short time considering that the average time is commonly 5/6 years”.

Are there other applications for this plate or for recycled carbon fiber?


Other applications of this material are walls for naval cabins, false ceilings, parts of car braking systems, rear part of aircraft seats, aesthetic parts…”.


“Our ambition, in partnership with Cannon, is to find applications for recycled carbon fiber that can replace metal. One of the products on which we are focusing on is the belt or shoe buckle. A buckle in carbon fiber sensibly reduces the overall weight of the final product. Moreover it will be radiotransparent, being a non-metallic part, and you may no longer have to remove your shoes and belt during airport checks, for instance!”